Wurdy: Marvelous Games’ word association party game comes to iOS

Image via Marvelous Games

Marvelous Games has released its latest mobile game, Wurdy, developed by UK-based Sock Monkey. The word-based party game challenges players to describe words to their friends, but without the use of rhyming or miming actions.

Wurdy turns users’ phones into a hub of sorts, as they play the word association game with others in the real world. Players choose from a variety of categories, including animals, kid friendly words, music and video games, with each topic containing more than 300 words.

In each round, the describing player starts the 60 second clock and must describe the items that appear on the screen using just speech. The menu contains a skip button for skipping difficult words, or for disqualifying certain words after using rhyming or miming motions. If a word is correctly guessed, players tap on the Next button to assign themselves points and move onto the next word.

Play repeats until all users have had a turn, with the player with the most points being declared the winner.

“We fell in love with Wurdy from our very first play,” says Harry Holmwood, CEO of MarvelousAQL Europe, in a company statement. “People of all ages have always loved playing together – whether it’s cards or classic board games. Wurdy takes that tradition and combines it with the easy accessibility and convenience of a mobile phone – making any occasion perfect for a fun, social game.”

Wurdy joins another new mobile title from Marvelous Games, Puzzle Coaster, which launched on iOS and Kindle just days ago.

Wurdy is now available to download for $1.99 on iOS. And Android version is in development. Check back soon to follow Marvelous Games on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.