WTFJeans Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch

Jeans designed with a specific pocket for an iPhone or iPod Touch, with a micro-fiber interior that protects and cleans the device, as well as a hidden memory stick pocket? WTF?

Not WTF in the usual sense: WTFJeans, the brainchild of Sanja Rastovac and Pedja Puselja of Strasbourg, France, which is selling a limited run of 1,000 pairs, online only, naturally.

According to the Website, the first 100 pairs, or the beta run, which sold for 59 Euros ($80.28), are sold out, but the next 400 pairs are available at the early bird price of €79 ($107.49), and the last 500 will be sold at €109 ($148.31).

From the product description on the home page:

iPhone or iPod Touch pocket: Easy in…Easy out…Your favorite gadget gets the special care it deserves.

Micro-fiber iPhone protection: Forget iPhone cases. Our special micro-fiber interior protects your iPhone or iPod touch, as well as cleaning it when you take it out. The iPhone, that is.

Hidden memory stick pocket: Who needs backup with your data safely put away in the special hidden, high-security USB stick pocket? You should back up as well, though. Really. Back up. Seriously.

Extra protection for boys: No matter whether you wear the family jewels on the right like 90 percent of guys, or whether you’re a lefty — extra padding on both sides keeps them cozy.

On the WTFJeans Story page, Rastovac described herself as a student of English and French, of Serbian origin, living and studying in France, as well as an online addict and blogger, while Puselja called himself a Web developer, blogger, Web enthusiast, and Twitter and online addict who can’t sleep without his iPhone by his side. And Rastovac wrote:

So, you’re a geek, eh? Same here. We’ve always had problems looking for original, high-quality and not-too-expensive pieces of clothes…that have geeks in mind. Well, Pedja and I have decided to make a pair of jeans for all our geek friends — say hello to WTFJeans!

First of all, we’re going to hire a fashion designer to brainstorm and draw the perfect pair of jeans for you, me and Pedja — people who don’t go anywhere without their mobile phones and gadgets. When I put my iPhone in my pocket, I don’t want to spend half an hour to take it out! The pockets of WTFJeans? Gadget-friendly! Isn’t that just l33t? 😉

The original idea was to make a few jeans, but then all our friends said (actually, they tweeted) that they wanted a pair. Fair enough. We’ve decided to make a little Web shop and offer WTFJeans to anyone who wants them…with just one catch: We’re making only 1,000 WTFJeans!

Since both you and we are online all the time, the promotion for the jeans is going to be online-only. You’ll be able to follow the whole process of creating and producing the jeans on the blog, as well as Twitter and FacebookYouTube. Sure, follow our videos as well…