WSJ in 90 Seconds

Despite the advantages of flex scheduling, NBC is having trouble picking NFL games that viewers find compelling. And to think this whole time we thought Madden and Michaels were the only clueless ones.

Russian Forbes is in chaos: Its EIC resigned and its December issue was pulled the day it was supposed to be released. Yelena Baturina, Russia’s only female billionaire, is to blame. The subject of the month’s cover story, she threatened to sue because of the article. We here at FishbowlNY would say more, but quite frankly, she scares the crap out of us.

Europeans are shopping at U.S. stores in droves, as favorable exchange rates mean iPod Nanos, Burberry coats and Tiffany bracelets are 25 percent cheaper here. Playstation 3, however, is still ungodly expensive no matter where you go.