Former MTV Newser Gideon Yago on Michael Jackson: ‘The Things That Bring You Out of Retirement’

We bumped into sometime–cohort Gideon Yago of The IFC Media Project this morning on the 6, where talk quickly turned to yesterday’s tragic passing of Michael Jackson. Amid the Jackson-fueled […]

‘True’ Confession: We Talk to Ad Sales All The Time

We really don’t do this often — oh, screw it: I’m not even using that blog convention of the royal ‘we’ for this one. It’s me, managing editor Rebecca Fox, […]

Introducing Your New FishbowlNY Editor

If you read this blog with any regularity, you’ve probably noticed a new fishie up in this ‘Bowl. Let’s make it official, shall we? Meet your new FishbowlNY editor, Amanda […]

Twittering The Ellies

It’s what we’ve been jawing about all week: The National Magazine Awards, or ‘Ellies,’ (or awards show where we don’t get the fondue fountain this year) are tonight, and we’ll […]

Laid-Off Newspaper Reporters Flock to Online Startups, Profits Still Elusive

Laid-off newspaper reporters are increasingly finding refuge on the Internet, but so far, their online startup efforts are being met with mixed results: Today, the trio of investors who teamed […]

Internal Google Memo on Today’s 200 Layoffs: ‘We’ve Ended Up With Overlapping Organizations’

We’ve got the internal memo sent by outgoing Google senior vice president Tim Armstrong (“TA”) to Googlers in its North American sales organization (“NASO”) within the past hour. This follows […]

SXSW ’09 Wrapup: Interactive Festival Closes With Wired EIC Anderson in Fiery Final Keynote On ‘Free’

Though this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas, got off to a slow start in the keynote department, and often drove us to distraction with its near-unilateral […]

Video @ SXSW: Alltop Founder Guy Kawasaki, Pre-Closing Keynote With Wired EIC Chris Anderson

Fresh off today’s launch of his site’s new customizable My.Alltop service, we video interviewed Alltop founder Guy Kawasaki prior to his SXSWi ’09 closing keynote, in which he’ll be interviewing […]

SXSW Opens Up, World Says ‘Eh’

Transparency, openness and community emerged as governing themes at this year’s SXSW Interactive conference — and no, not just in the softballs thrown by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh in his […]

Live-Tweeting ‘Sex Lives of the Microfamous’ at SXSW

We’re hoping thinking the sensation-filled talk at SXSW ’09 — this year’s ‘Gossip’ panel, if you will — promises to be Twitter book compiler Nick Douglas’ and our buddy, Sexerati […]