Writers Guild of America East: Save the Internet

The Writers Guild of America East launched Save the Internet, a multifaceted campaign in support of net neutrality.

The Web site created by WGAE allows users to send emails to all members of the Federal Communications Commission (urging them to support net neutrality and to share the video (below), Connection Terminated, written by WGAE member Guy Shahar and cautioning against abolishing the principles of net neutrality.

WGAE president Michael Winship and executive director Lowell Peterson said in a letter to members:

There is now a very real danger that the FCC will back away from any attempt to ensure net neutrality. The time for all Guild members to act is now. An open Internet with freedom of access and expression is critical not only to the creativity of our membership, but to American democracy. We cannot let it be controlled and dominated by a handful of major corporations.

The FCC needs to hear from you — and now — because you are the people creating content. Let them know how important preserving net neutrality is to the future of media, news, and entertainment.