Would You Buy A Cadillac If It Came With An iPad?

As if driving a Cadillac weren’t enough of a luxury, now driving the new XTS will come with an iPad. Taking a cue from Apple’s Genius Bar, GM is hoping to build service relationships with Cadillac dealers and customers by giving out iPads loaded with instructions for how to use the car’s new driving tool called CUE aka the Cadillac User Experience.

According to the Cadillac website, CUE  brings “the intuitive control of smart phones and tablets safely to the road.” It is tool that lets users control the car and the entertainment system through a digital interface to experience what Cadillac calls “connected driving.” To help promote this service, and keep customers connected, GM is giving customers the iPads.

The Detroit Free Press has more: “‘We wanted to mirror that consumer electronics process for the vehicle with the CUE,’ said Mark Harland, GM’s connected customer manager. Cadillac dealers will devote two specialists to addressing questions about CUE and its LCD touch screen that connects with digital devices and allows drivers to control various car features.”