6 Causes Worth Supporting on Veterans Day

Among your clients today, you may be planning a CSR outreach or a benefit for Veterans Day. If so, thank you. If that hasn’t made your schedule, it’s not too late to consider a donation or gesture to a few worthy causes that benefit our brave defenders of freedom.

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1. Heroes Project — It was an honor to represent a man who was arguably one of the greatest champions for our freedom in the history of the U.S. military, U.S. Navy SEAL, Chief, SEAL Team 3, Chris Kyle. Regretfully, he was taken from this life way too early but to honor him was the longest processional in U.S. history and a casket with more than 500 tridents. Chris’ foundation is obviously close to my heart — one that benefits combat veterans struggling with TBIs and PTSD with fitness equipment, counseling and support. To learn more, click here.

2. Wounded Warrior Project — For the past 10 years, the Wounded Warrior Project has become one of the most recognized military causes in the world. Its mission is to aid, assist and support current and discharged soldiers who have experienced injury in service to American defense. From runs to rides and even job placement, this is a valiant cause to support. To learn more, click here.

3. Operation Homefront — Shamefully, you can make more being a shark on Wall Street than protecting our shores from tyranny. That said, our troops need assistance to live once they return from combat. Operation Homefront helps with food and clothing, paying a late bill and even car repairs. If you want to help families help each other, click here for more information.

4. Boot Campaign — Since 2002, this prestigious organization has supported more than 47,000 veterans. This is one of the most successful military charities in the country with its popular branded pictures of notables in boots. They raise money and create awareness for the people who could use it the most. To learn more, click here. And of course, if you are interested in purchasing a pair of boots, do that here.

5. Roever Foundation — If you ever get a chance to meet this guy, you will better for it. Dave Roever is one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers about the plights of U.S. combat in the world today. He raises money, support and ample awareness about the need for facility developments in war zones everywhere. To learn more about Dave’s foundation, click here.

6. Lone Survivor Foundation — Another well-known retired U.S. Navy SEAL is Marcus Luttrell, and the Lone Survivor Foundation is his passion. His foundation helps combat veterans with time — time to heal, time to recover and time to become whole again in a place of catharsis and serenity. While there, U.S. Armed Forces members are provided educational, rehabilitation, recovery and wellness opportunities. To learn more, click here.

There are countless others, many of which have substantial advertising budgets. These may have the help of word-of-mouth awareness and social media outreach, but can always use more of us to help more of them. May this Veterans Day be an important one for you and yours.