Twitter Introduces Hashflags For World Cup Fans

Twitter Introduces Hashflags For World Cup Fans

Twitter wants you to show you support during the World Cup – and it’s introducing new features to help.

For the World Cup-obsessed, Twitter has created a hashtag hub at #WorldCup. Along the left side is a scoreboard and timeline of future matches, and the left stream features popular tweets, photos and videos, and people. Fans can use this hub to stay up-to-date, in real-time, on game stats and the tweets from players, coaches, teams and other fans.

Twitter also turned on a new feature that anyone can use in their tweets. Dubbed the hashflag, it allows soccer fans around the world to cheer on their team using little flags next to country hashtags.


The hashflag was first introduced during the 2010 World Cup. By entering a three letter country code following a hashtag, you can show the world which country you’re supporting. Bleacher Report has the full list of country codes.

And to entice even more fans to tweet support for their country, Twitter is tallying tweets that contain hashflags over at the World Cup of Tweets website.

As the World Cup kicks off this Thursday, thousands of soccer fans will descend on Twitter – how will you support your team?

(World Cup image via Shutterstock)

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