Workplace by Facebook Added Several New Ways to Share Files

The social network’s enterprise platform put an emphasis on collaboration

Users can now share up to six documents in Workplace by Facebook posts Workplace by Facebook
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Workplace by Facebook detailed several upgrades aimed at making collaboration easier via the social network’s enterprise platform.

Pancham Gajjar, who works on product monetization in emerging markets for Facebook, said in a blog post, “Being able to share content is the foundation of collaboration. To make work faster and less painful, people want to discover the right content when they need it and be able to quickly share it with the right people in their organization. These five updates mean you c document sharing document sharing an do exactly that.”

The pickers for Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive and Google Drive document sharing were redesigned, and Workplace by Facebook’s integrations with Box, Dropbox and Quip were upgraded, enabling users to share up to six documents as part of posts on the platform.

Gajjar wrote, “Simply find the right files (up to six) and add to your post to keep the documents, the conversation and the workflows all in one place.”

In addition, files from multiple providers can now be attached and shared, alongside files from users’ desktops and cloud storage.

Gajjar wrote, “This means that you can upload files from Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Google Drive in the same post. And you can do this in a variety of easy ways by selecting via drop-down menus, pasting content URL links or using drag-and-drop.”

Workplace by Facebook

Files of up to 100 megabytes can now be attached to comments on posts in Workplace groups.

Workplace by Facebook

Cloud folders can also be linked to the files area of groups on the platform, and group administrators can easily bulk-link to relevant content.

Workplace by Facebook

Finally, the files tab in Workplace by Facebook was redesigned to improve navigation, provide richer previews and add features for linking and navigating folders.

Gajjar wrote, “It means that people can find, engage and share the right content faster. And it enables people to get more work done in the group without having to switch applications.”

Workplace by Facebook David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.