Social Media, Personal Email And Porn – How We Waste Time At Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that productivity losses from non-work related internet surfing have been pegged at high as 40 percent and, despite this, just 15 percent of businesses have an office social media policy?

Subsequently, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become a veritable haven for time suckage during office hours, and many businesses are taking action, with more than half (54 percent) completely blocking these channels at work. These platforms aren’t their only concerns, however – 33 percent of employees check their email multiple times a day, and 70 percent of all internet porn traffic occurs during the office hours of nine to five.

This infographic from Time Doctor takes a closer look at wasted time in the workplace.

(Source: Time Doctor. Bored image: Aff (formerly Odd Bod) via Flickr.)