Worio Gets Search Discovery From Your Facebook News Feed

Worio, the discovery-based search engine, is integrating with Facebook in order to leverage your Facebook activity to help you find information about the topics of interest to you. By looking at the information on your Facebook profile and the activity of your news feed, Worio can provide recommendations for information you may like. The interesting part of this recommendation system is that Worio is able to take advantage of your friends’ data coming through the news feed in order to generate more search discovery tools.

For example, Worio can see that you and ten of your friends are from the L.A. area. Worio can provide information about the L.A. area accordingly. A better example of how Worio leverages your friends’ activity is by providing recommendations based on links shared through their feeds, as they appear on your profile.

This is all accomplished through Worio’s Facebook application, which you can add to your Facebook profile. Check the Facebook app anytime you’d like to receive some recommendations on things you may be interested in, and offer your own feedback from there. The more you use the Worio search discovery tool, the better Worio can accommodate your needs based on these interests.

Worio’s Facebook application almost looks like a news feed in its own right, giving you a stream of search results for you to check out. It’s a very contextual way of comprehending the activity going through your news feed, and benefiting from that activity in a semi-passive way. And Worio connects this search discovery data back to its main site, consistently building up its own database. What’s interesting about this particular aspect of connecting Facebook activity with the main Worio site is that Worio is able to build its database around the personal interests of its users. This is a trend Google is working towards, with the recently released Profiles, along with the other personalized search options and other applications.

But is this integration with something so personal as one’s news feed adding any value to this new trend of search discovery? Some users may be a bit wary about having Worio create a set of search results without them having to search in the direct and active sense. But Worio has been on a mission to change the way in which we take in information for a few years now. Changing the trend around search, making it more personal and offering a way to contextualize activity on social networks is an inevitable change, and we’re likely to see Facebook itself search for more ways in which to leverage its news feeds in a similar manner. The rate at which this can happen has a lot to do with the attitudes of users and their comfort levels around the contextualization of their activity feeds.