Wordscraper Begins Kicking Scrabble's Ass

Only days after Scrabulous was shut down and the Argarwalla brothers relaunched as Wordscraper, the new application appears to be growing at a phenomenal rate. As of yesterday the application had around 65,000 active daily users and over 130,000 total installs. While the Scrabulous application had millions of installs, it was also able to attract users back to the application every day. It appears that the Argawalla brothers may have done it again with Wordscraper.

As a slightly modified Scrabble-like word game, the application is now clear from legal risk as it continues to grow in popularity. This could easily be one of the biggest feats for a company on the platform: shutting down their application and transferring the popularity to a new one. This way the brothers were able to avoid a massive lawsuit while maintaining their business, a massive feat for anybody to accomplish. While the site may not be back to it’s original numbers, within days they are already at 10 percent of their previous activity level.

Not only are the brothers maintaining their business but they are also kicking Mattel & Hasbro’s asses. As a New York Times article pointed out today, “Hasbro’s official version of Scrabble on Facebook, meanwhile, has registered about 91,000 registered users, while a version from Mattel, which owns the rights to Scrabble outside of North America, has less than 15,000.” Take that Hasbro and Mattel! If all goes well these two companies will remain at the mercy of the Argarwalla brothers.

As many had suggested, the companies probably would have been best off approaching the brothers directly rather than launching a competing application. Now it’s their loss! Go check out the Wordscraper application to join the movement!

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