WordPress For Windows Phone 7

The WordPress app for Windows Phone 7 is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, so if you write a blog using WordPress you might want to consider getting a copy of this free app. Setting the app up to work with an existing WordPress blog, such as my personal blog, is very easy; you simply specify that the blog is on wordpress.com, enter your user id and password, and the app automatically retrieves your blog information.

Unfortunately, the intial set up is the only thing easy about the app, and I find it frustrating to use. First off, when you create a new post it automatically places “Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone” at the end of the body of the post, and if you don’t want this little advertisement you need to manually remove it. Worse, there is no setting to turn this “feature” off, so you either need to live with it or manually remove it every time you create a post.

Windows Phone’s predictive word recognition does not work when you type in the WordPress app, which significantly slows down entering a post. What is obvious is that while the Windows Phone keyboard is good, the word prediction is what makes it great. Even worse is that the app does not support text entry in landscape and the portrait keyboard covers up many of the fields you need to fill in to create a post.

Publishing a post and changes to a post is also confusing. At the bottom of the screen is a Save icon, but tapping it does not necessarily publish changes to the blog. Just above the Save icon is a Publish button that you need to tap to publish changes to your blog.

I have not been able to specify a category for any blog post that I create in the WordPress app. It successfully retrieves the categories for my blog, but even after I select the category I want, the category is not included when the post is published. The app also has a section for displaying stats for a blog, but I have not been able to get that working either.

As it currently exists, I am finding the WordPress app to be very buggy, and hopefully improvements will be made quickly. I find it interesting that Microsoft and another company called iSoftStone are behind the development of the app, which is open source. If you are interested in checking the app out for yourself, you will find it now in the Windows Phone Marketplace.