WordPress 3.1 Out. WordPress for iOS Unable to Publish Blog Items Immediately

WordPress is probably the most used blogging platform in the world. It is used for hobby blogs written by a single person as well as professional sites with many writers. Even Microsoft chose WordPress as the platform and site to move their customers to when they decided to shut down their Microsoft Spaces blogging platform. WordPress is a blog tinker’s dream with thousands of add-in modules and themes to choose from. But, I have developed a nervous tick each time I see WordPress has an update available for my personal blog. Why? Simply put: Things break: Add-on modules, themes, customizations.

WordPress 3.1, lots of fun

If you use an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you have one more thing to worry about: Compatibility with the WordPress for iOS app. WordPress for iOS became a series of buggy releases shortly after it became available. I checked to learn how WordPress for iOS works with WordPress 3.1 by updating a blog I haven’t been paying much attention to. Generally speaking, it is probably not correct to attribute any errors seen in the iOS app to the WordPress 3.1 server-side upgrade. But, here’s what I found anyway.

1. Creating a new entry in the iOS app to work with the blog worked fine.
2. Publishing an entry did not publish immediately. It was, instead, scheduled for publication 5 hours later. I went to the server-side admin page to fix this problem since it was not addressable from the app.
3. The WordPress for iOS app (v2.6.6) crashed several times during my simple tests (text only, no attached media such as photos).

I haven’t tried enough of WordPress 3.1 (server-side software) enough to comment on it. However, WordPress for iOS 2.6.6 appears to be another buggy mess of a release.