Wooga announces 3 new mobile games, reveals that it was profitable in 2012

Wooga’s push on mobile continues as founder and CEO Yens Begemann revealed three new mobile titles and that the company was profitable in 2012, with 50 percent of its revenues now coming from only three mobile games.

“We’re at the beginning of a period that is at least a decade long where the touch screen will dominate how users use a computer,” he said.

In the next few weeks, Wooga will launch three mobile games. The first of which is an iOS version of Wooga’s Facebook farming game Monster World, which has been reconfigured for the smaller mobile screen, and will launch on March 21. The second mobile game Wooga revealed was village building sim Pocket Village, which will launch for iOS on April 11. The title is a brand new game that was built from the ground up for mobile, where game sessions are designed to be fast and short. Lastly, Wooga will be releasing a hidden object game titled Pearl’s Peril, which will feature asynchronous cross-platform gameplay between the social and mobile versions of the game via Facebook Connect. Most interestingly, the game was designed to be episodic, with a new episode to be released every week. The iOS version of the game is slated for Q2 2013. For more on the Wooga’s social plans for the first half of 2013, head here.

“We try to take a lesson from TV where episodes are continued every week and the story continues,” Begemann explains. “That’s exactly what we do here.”

The releases of all these new mobile games are part of the company’s prioritization moving forward to build games on both social and mobile. All three games that are coming to iOS will later come to Android, and moving forward, all of its mobile games will be on both platforms.

The Berlin-based company launched only three games on mobile so far, including Diamond Dash and Bubble Island on iOS, and most recently, Diamond Dash for Android in December 2012.

Begemann did add that although he revealed the company’s profitability, the company has no plans to go public anytime soon.

“[Wooga] has no plans to raise funding or change our status as a company,” he said. “All of the revenue we make, we reinvest into Wooga.”

Wooga, which was founded four years ago, has approximately 50 million active users playing its games on social and mobile. The company also doubled its staff from 140 employees to 280 over the past year.

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