Woman Claims Facebook Doesn't Want Americans to Travel to Cuba

-No Cuba Image-Over the past few days I have been exchanging emails with Bobbi Miller-Moro, wife of independent filmmaker Luis Moro. Earlier this week Moro’s account was shut down after pushing the limits of his Facebook account through excessive friending or messaging. Bobbi claimed that it wasn’t due to spamming but instead suggested that Morro was “censored by Facebook for giving information out, or supplying information in detail about how people can help to pass the bill to allow travel between the United States and Cuba by deleting his account without warning.”

I replied to her to try to confirm what exactly took place. She then forwarded me a warning that Facebook had sent her, not her husband. Apparently they have both pushed Facebook’s limits. I suggested that they wait it out for a day or two and not try to log in until they heard back from Facebook. Within a short period of time Facebook was in touch and reinstated the account.

Bobbi then sent me an email with the following statement:

Now, strange update. I spent 9 hours on a media blitz yesterday reaching out to everyone in the media. And guess what? Facebook sent Luis and apology letter and said they are putting his site back up at 9pm the same day the took him off. I guess they figure it’s better then tangling with someone like Luis Moro. We are not the quiet type, and it would only add to their huge protests from people complaining of censorship.

I’m sure Facebook was shaking in their boots when Bobbi started her media blitz yesterday. Funny enough nothing was published (as far as I can tell) until today, once the issue was resolved. Honestly I get 20 or more emails daily from people asking how to reinstate their account. I also occasionally get some pretty extreme emails that I’ll save for another time.

This was one of the more entertaining exchanges I’ve had so far. Warning to Facebook: you better watch who you censor because the Moro’s don’t back down!!!! Also, Facebook needs to stop with their anti-Cuban travel agenda 😉