WND Has a Survey They’d Like You To Answer

Every once in a while, we have to do things here at FishbowlDC that we’d really, really rather not, like reading this article at World News Daily. Article is a term we’re using loosely here, as it’s really a melange of video and pictures and opinions and song lyrics and prose sometimes so purple we had visions of the writer actually choking his words until their normal colors drained away.

It’s about some song some guy you never heard of wrote about his love for the female anchors on the Fox News Channel. Al Jazeera featured the video in a segment as it’s attracted quite a number of views on Youtube, and then posted the segment featuring the video to Youtube as well.

Then, Youtube’s automated—that, being the key word, automated—copyright enforcement mechanisms that it offers to large publishers took over and flagged the original video for review because the two songs matched. Neither WND nor the songwriter realize this, of course, and since WND never met a situation they can’t twist into an anti-Judeo-Christian-conservative conspiracy, we have this story.

That’s not even the best part.

At the end, WND posted a survey—after spending what we can only assume is six billion words on just how pretty and smart FNC’s female anchors actually are—asking if looks matter when it comes to picking what news programming you watch. To most of us, this is a simple yes or no question. To WND, it’s much more.

That’s 17 options there, if you’re counting. Somewhere, a research methods teacher is looking at this thing and pulling her hair out.

And in case you’re really interested, here’s “The Girls of Fox News” (and all its underlying copyrighted images and video), for your listening pleasure.