Justin McLachlan

This Week’s WTF Moments In the News

How much crazy did you guys dredge up this week? A lot. Here’s our list of the most WTF moments in the news from the last few days: WaPo: NSA […]

Intern To Investigate Unpaid Interns

Earlier this summer, ProPublica raised nearly $24,000 to investigate internships, with a focus on “documenting the emerging intern economy in the United States – a story hidden in plain sight.” […]

MoJo Smacks Down Examiner Writer ‘Investigating’ Michael Hastings’ Death

A Mother Jones story today by Gavin Aronsen comes out swinging at Kimberly Dvorak—the so-called journalist “investigating” Michael Hastings’ death—and for good reason. Dvorak has been pushing unsourced and, in […]

NPR’s New Homepage Offers Ease, Options and Primo Real Estate for Sponsors

NPR updated its homepage yesterday and at first glance, it looks pretty traditional—like a simple blog layout with posts lined down a central column. There’s more too it than that, […]

Does Media Matter’s Fever Pitch on Megyn Kelly Play Into Fox’s Hands?

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, according to Media Matters For America’s John Whitehouse. That might just be what Fox News Channel execs were hoping to hear. “But […]

Jeff Bezos Watch Continues, Day 11

We were keeping track of the number of stories about WaPo’s sale to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, but lost count somewhere around 17 billion. Is it safe yet to call […]

All Hail Jeff Bezos?

Our national what-will-Jeff-Bezos-do-with-WaPo watch continues, this time as PBS’ Media Shift blog imagines—as so many others have already done–what an Amazoned newspaper might look like. You can dissect their thoughts […]

CBS News’ O’Donnell’s ‘Typical’ Week of Work and Training

Norah O’Donnell, CBS News anchor, is training for her first half-marathon (a little over 13 miles) and today she shared a typical week of training with the readers at Self, […]

Journos Get Trumped

Maybe someone needs to introduce @realDonaldTrump to Twitter’s reply button, because apparently he’s been responding to reporters’ tweets with handwritten notes. The latest came last night to Huffington Post’s Sam […]

Douthat Clarifies That He Really, Really Doesn’t Care For Politico

Yesterday, we pointed out how NYT columnist Ross Douthat feels about Politico. He was blunt in his distaste: “I say this as someone who doesn’t particularly like the Politico style […]