Wizzard Deals for Music, Latino, Movie & Anything Goes Podcasts

watching phone jiu.jpgPodcast network Wizzard Media has inked a series of deals that give it all sorts of new goodies to distribute so content junkies can download the podcasts to their iPods, iPhones and other portable gizmos.

First up is a global distribution agreement with indie label iRecords for music videos and music-related content like behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and live performances. Wizzard gets content from both established and up-and-coming artists covering all music genres.

Next comes a partnership with eLatino Weekly, a free Latino-centric entertainment and current affairs publication. The deal calls for Wizzard to distribute video from eLatinoWeekly.com across its network, supported by advertisers and sponsorships. Wizzard will also provide marketing support to grow the audience for the video podcast.

Then there’s a hookup with new content provider Auliese Media, which specializes in “short-burst, high-quality video entertainment.” Its library of “personality, story and event-driven” content includes “Tattoo Generation,” “Cop Stories” and “Things that Go Boom,” with the latter focusing on what happens when “high-powered rifles, hot chicks and helpless items collide.”

Finally is Wizzard’s agreement with Fishman Productions to distribute film and TV projects through its digital syndication network. Fishman, the company behind the 2002 award-winning short “Getting Out,” will get its own branded channel on the Wizzard Media Network.

(Image credit: Jupiterimages Unlimited)