WizKids announces Quarmageddon expansion for Quarriors on iPad


WizKids and NECA have announced the upcoming release of a new expansion for Quarriors on iPad. The Quarmageddon expansion will see new dice, new rules and new gameplay added to the dice “deck-building” game, and will be available for an in-app purchase of $1.99.

The Quarmageddon expansion comes with 40 new dice to power up monsters, heroes or spells, as well as 26 never-before-seen cards which power six new creatures and two new spells. In addition, some creatures will now have an Immunity trait, allowing them to negate any damage done from specific attacks or spells.

In addition to this expansion, the base Quarriors experience is being updated with multiple difficulty settings and rule sets (Advanced Capture and Expert Culling). These rule sets are completely optional, but have been created in an effort to add more challenge to multiplayer battles. Finally, the game’s tutorial has been improved, helping newcomers become more familiar with the game before diving in.

Quarriors offers single-player and up to four-player multiplayer battle modes, as players take on the role of a Quarrior, a warrior with the power to capture “quarry” from the wilds. As players collect their creatures, their enemies do the same, so players must protect their own team while doing damage to their opponent.

In celebration of the Quarmageddon expansion, the original Quarriors game will be free for a limited time, making both the base game and the expansion cost just $1.99 in total. The base game is normally $3.99.

Quarmageddon will be available later this month. Check back soon to follow Quarriors on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.