Wizard & Dragon Defense review

Wizard & Dragon Defense is an Android app from Basalt Games. It is available now as a free download from Google Play and contains additional in-app purchases.

Wizard & Dragon Defense is a side-scrolling game that is modeled after a basic tower defense layout. On one edge of a stage lies a giant Dragon egg, and on the other is a portal. During a level, monsters will regularly spawn out of the portal and start walking toward the egg. Players will take control of the hero and use standard attacks, special abilities, and summoned allies in order to protect the egg and destroy all the monsters. It’s a formula that allows inexperienced players to quickly adapt to the genre, but even they are likely to find the game far too repetitive after just a few stages.

Wizard & Dragon Defense seems to put a large emphasis on creating an experience that caters to new and inexperienced players. Helping players learn the mechanics and the flow of the game is the title’s strong suit. While there’s no formal tutorial, the first few levels of the game go over some of the most important aspects. Players can move the characters left and right by tapping the respective sides of the screen. Attacks are done automatically, but special abilities can be executed with the press of a button. Items can be consumed by tapping their icon on the top of the screen, while allies can be summoned from a list, provided players have built up enough mana over time.

During levels, players will be able to collect gems from downed enemies. Gems are used to level up characters, improve equipment, and purchase items. Most of these upgrades aren’t entirely necessary, as the game tends to play on the easy side, but upgrading weapons and allies is often a good idea when in possession of extra gems. Most smaller upgrades are worth a few gems, though items and stage upgrades will take some time to earn.

Players who want high-end goodies right away can purchases gems in-game. Bundles of gems range in price from 99 cents to $24.99. Even the cheapest purchase will be enough to buy numerous upgrades, though players who want the most expensive upgrades will need to look at the $4.99 and $9.99 packs. Everything in the game is available for free if players play enough, but a lot of players appreciate the feeling of not being forced to buy to get essential upgrades, making it a good move from Basalt Games. Players who do want more gems but don’t want to make in-app purchases can check out an offer and achievement wall for a chance to earn some free gems.

Overall, Wizard & Dragon Defense is a game that starts off simple and fun, then continues to remain simple to the point where it’s no longer fun. It’s very welcoming toward players of all skill levels, but it quickly becomes repetitive. It’s not a bad game, and players have given it a shot because it’s free, but without more variety and difficulty, it’s hard to recommend it.

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A very basic defense that that starts fun but quickly gets too repetitive.