With Tweet And Give, Every Tweet Gets Your Charity a Donation

Social media is opening up new avenues to make giving to charity easy, fun and accessible. I love hearing about ways that charities can gain exposure and raise funds through social media, so I am excited to share a new Twitter-based charity app, Tweet And Give.

With Tweet And Give, any Twitter user can start earning money for their charity just by tweeting.

The premise is simple: advertisers pay a small fee when their ads show up on the Tweet And Give website, and users who tweet from the website will earn 80% of the advertising revenue for their selected charity.

Although you may have a preferred Twitter client like HootSuite or TweetDeck, why not spend a little time sending a tweet or two, managing your direct messages, or checking up on your @mentions on the Twee tAnd Give site? It’s a great way to get some direct value out of Twitter, for charity.

Users can also create Giving Groups on Tweet And Give, which is basically all of your Twitter followers who also use the charitable service. You’ll be able to see the donation total for your Giving Group’s combined Tweet And Give activity.

The Tweet And Give dashboard is actually quite elegant, and it offers the same functionality as Twitter.com.

I chose charity: water to donate to, but there are nine charities to choose from, including Doctors without Borders, The Humane Society and Feeding America. There are already two members in my Giving Group, and we’ve donated $7.22 so far.

This web-based Twitter app is one of the most creative fundraising apps I’ve seen. It doesn’t take much to earn a little money for a good cause, and nothing comes from your own pocket. So why not tweet a few times a day from Tweet And Give?