Wireless Desktop Synchronization Coming Back In Windows Phone 7

Once upon a time, when there was no iPhone or Android, Pocket PC users had the ability to wirelessly synchronize their devices with desktop computers over Wi-Fi while Palm handheld users had to dock their devices with a desktop. As time passed the folks in Redmond determined that synchronization over Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks was unsecure and therefore removed the feature from ActiveSync and Pocket PCs.

Today’s smartphones do little synchronization with desktop computers as they store data on servers, but we still need to connect with desktops to transfer music and movies to phones. Buried in a MIX session video is information about wireless synchronization that will be part of Windows Phone 7. It’s actually the same feature available with Zune today. When you plug a Windows Phone 7 to power it will use Wi-Fi to communicate with the Zune desktop software and synchronize your music. If the phone is not plugged in you can manually initiate synchronization from the phone. Long time Pocket PC users will see the irony in Microsoft restoring a feature in Windows Phone 7 that they feel should not have been removed in the first place.

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