Wired.com's Madrigal Moves to TheAtlantic.com to Lead New Technology Channel

Wired.com writer Alexis Madrigal is moving to TheAtlantic.com as lead writer for a new technology channel to launch later this summer. The technology channel, which is tentatively slated to go live the first week of September, will be one of the primary sections of the Atlantic site, much in the way the Politics and Culture sections are today.
TheAtlantic.com Editorial Director Bob Cohn (who’s also a former executive editor of Wired) told WebNewser they chose Madrigal because “he’s got the perfect combination of journalistic experience, blogging savvy, and entrepreneurial spirit. He accomplished a lot at Wired.com, and his focus on original reporting and intelligent analysis is a natural fit here at The Atlantic.”
Madrigal, who’s the author of the forthcoming book Inventing Green about the history of green technology, helped build the Wired Science blog into a leading science destination online. He officially started at TheAtlantic.com yesterday. First assignment? Reporting from the Aspen Ideas Festival. Sweet!