Windows Phone Marketplace Info Update: Open Source License Use to be Clarified Soon

The long awaited NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 is still a NoShow from what I can tell. The only “update” I’ve seen is an informational one for developers on the official Windows Phone Developer Blog.
An Update on Windows Phone Marketplace; new tips, policies and regional access program
Here’s my bullet list summary of the news:
1. 9,000 apps (I thought it was 10,000 a few weeks ago?)
2. 32,000 registered developers
3. 100 new apps appearing each day
4. Developers can integrate copy and paste into their apps (users need NoDo to take advantage of this)
5. 1,000,000 copies of Windows Phone Developer Tools downloaded so far (but only 32,000 registered developers)
6. First developer payouts began in January
7. Nearly 1 out of 10 trial apps downloaded converted to a paid app sale
8. Apps with trial versions generated 10 times more revenume than apps without a trial version (on the average)
9. Trial app conversion to paid version occurs within a day with most converted within 2 hours (of the 10% of people who do convert)
10. Microsoft Ad Exchange ad impressions has increased nearly 400% since January
11. Registered developers can not get certifications for up to 100 free apps at no cost. Previously, the limit was 5
12. The Application Provider Agreement will be modified in the near future to clarify which Open Source licenses can be used in apps distributed through the Windows Phone Marketplace