Windows Phone “Mango” Music Search: Songs Digitally Fingerprinted

Microsoft is adding a music recognition feature in the “Mango” update for Windows Phone due out later this year. Their approach sounds a different from apps like Shazam and, of course, a different marketing mission.

Q&A: The story behind Music search

Music search for Windows Phone listens and analyzes 3-second slices on a continuous basis instead of using a single fixed time segment. The developers say this may lead to near instant results because of, presumably, being able to dip into a larger digital fingerprint source for a song. The developers say that the audio is not sent to their servers – Only the audio fingerprint is sent. Ten years worth of songs that were on the Billboard music charts were fed into the music search fingerprinting database to ensure that most of the popular tracks (U.S. only?) are detectable by the system out of the box.

Once a song is identified, it can be bought and downloaded from the Zune Music Store. If you have a Zune Pass subscription, the “buying” phase is presumably bypassed.