Windows Phone 7 Update Status, Not Good

If Microsoft’s purpose for the first update to Windows Phone 7, available now,  is to discover what problems might exist with the update process, they appear to have achieved that goal. Unfortunately, the update process has not been smooth for all users, and some users have ended up with a phone that is not usable. It appears that in some cases the process is hanging during the backup of the phone.

Microsoft is providing guidance that if the backup process is in an apparently prolonged state, exceeding 30 to 40 minutes, with no movement in the progress bar, you should disconnect the device from the PC, pull the battery, replace the battery and turn the phone on. Microsoft further recommends that if you encounter this problem to not upgrade your phone until Microsoft releases yet another update to the update.

For me personally, the information is interesting but not yet applicable because I have not received the notification to update the phone. People asking why they have not yet received the update notification are reminded that the carriers have the ability to block an update, though if they do they must allow the next update to occur when it is released by Microsoft.

So, in my case, if T-Mobile prevents this first update to be pushed to the HD 7 that means they can’t prevent the next update, which is to include cut, copy, and paste, from being rolled out on time. I don’t know if Microsoft releases an update to fix the problems with the first update if that is included in the count. While I have heard Microsoft explain how the update process is supposed to work, I am skeptical that carriers don’t have the ability and won’t block any update, regardless of order.

Frankly, the issue that currently exists of phones being “bricked” by the current update process negatively impacts Microsoft’s credibility about updates. The carriers are the ones who receive phone calls from angry customers when the process does not work, so less than flawless updates give the carriers ammunition for why they need to tightly control the process.