Windows Phone 7 System Update Process Fixed or Not?

Back in the days of Windows Mobile 6, there were rumblings from Microsoft that the nearly non-existent system upgrade process of their mobile platform would be fixed. Manufacturers and carriers at the time either didn’t provide any system updates or provided them very slowly. To my knowledge, the Windows Update component in Windows Mobile 6.x was never used in any of the devices I had (and still have).

Hope was renewed when Windows Phone 7 was announced that Microsoft had indeed taken responsibility and control of the update process for its new mobile platform. Unfortunately, according to ars technica, this, again, may not be the case.

Windows Phone 7 updates: can carriers block them?

ars technica’s interpretation of the current state of Windows Phone 7 system updates is: Carriers in control This is extremely unfortunate since Windows Phone 7, as good as it is, needs some serious tweaks to keep it competitive in 2011.

Control of system updates may prove to be the downfall of both Android and Windows Phone 7.

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