Windows Phone 7 Powered HTC HD7 Arrived! Camera Photo & Video Sample

A Windows Phone 7 powered HTC HD7 dropped out of the sky a few days before its official launch in the U.S. on November 8. It will replace the Android powered Nexus One that has been my main voice phone for the past 5+ months. You can see the Nexus One (left) and HD7 (right) in the photo to the right. I’ll have a lot more to say after I spend the weekend testing it out. However, I wanted to leave a sample of its photo and video recording capabilities as my last blog item of this week.

The 5-megapixel camera produces photos that look a bit “soft” to me. It lacks the crisp lines and saturated colors of the iPhone 4. It is a bit disappointing since the Nexus One (also made by HTC) takes reasonably good photos (though, again, not as good as the iPhone 4). The HD7 is capable of recording high definition (HD) 720p video. However, its default recording mode is 640×480 VGA quality video. You can see a short sample video below. Like the still photo, the video tends to look a bit soft focus and “mushy.” I’ll play camera settings (especially resolution) over the weekend to get a better idea of what the HD7’s camera is capable of.

I should note that I’m very impressed with the HD7 in other respects. It feels a lot faster and more responsive than my Nexus One. And, its sharp bright 4.3-inch display is amazing to look at. Stay tuned to this blog next week. I’ll have a lot more hands-on commentary about Windows Phone 7 in general and the HTC HD7 in particular.

Disclosure: Microsoft provided the HTC HD7 for review purposes as part of their Windows Phone Ambassadors program