Windows Phone 7 Approaching 5000 Apps

While it is difficult to get clear data for proof, it appears that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is doing pretty good for a brand new smartphone. Earlier this month Microsoft said it had shipped 1.5 million licenses to their customers, which are phone manufacturers. While that number doesn’t represent phones in hands of actual users, it does represent a significant interest by hardware manufacturers.

Another indicator is the number applications available for download in the Windows Phone Marketplace, which according to is at 4,994 apps. The number of apps indicates developer interest in Windows Phone, showing that developers believe there is enough opportunity make money that they are spending time developing apps.

I don’t think the Windows Phone Marketplace has yet reach the point where you can find just about any app that you want, making Windows Phone app reviews and catalogs even more valuable. One particularly useful list is Lifehacker’s list of what they think are currently the best Windows Phone 7 apps. If you received a Windows Phone for Christmas you might want to check out the Lifehacker article.

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