Windows Mobile 6.5 Update for Touch Pro2 Hard to Find but Available on

I spent a fair number of weeks during Fall 2009 whining and carrying like a petulant 3 year old decrying T-Mobile USA’s apparent unwillingness to say something, let alone do something, about a Windows Mobile 6.5 update for my then relatively new HTC Touch Pro2. After getting that out of my system, I moved on to more-or-less not caring, bought a Droid and started playing with things-Android. A few hours ago, however, I swung slightly to the “caring about 6.5” side and checked the T-Mobile Forums to find this discussion thread…

Touch Pro 2 WM 6.5 Upgrade Page Hidden by T-Mobile

The link posted in that thread pointed to an website with the text “t-mobileUS” as part of its path. So, I headed over to…

HTC T-Mobile USA Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Update (my own text, not HTC’s)

…and downloaded the 175.9MB file.

Windows Mobile updates are hand-wringing palm-sweating events since the process wipes out everything on the device. And, since Microsoft decided to remove the ability to backup and restore files using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile device center, much of the reinstallation process is a step-by-step slow manual process. So, I haven’t updated my TP2 yet since I need to use it as my primary voice phone throughout the last working day of this week.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get around to flashing my TP2 this weekend though. So, stay tuned to see how it went when I return to the blog bright and early next week Tuesday morning (Monday is the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday).