William Shatner Remixed In Shatoetry App

Star Trek legend and spoken word artist William Shatner  is the star of a new iPhone app from Blindlight Apps called Shatoetry. The $2.99 app lets users write the script for the actor to perform based on words and messages that he has prerecorded into the app.

Users can build the remix by arranging words into lines of dialog that Shatner will read back. Remixes can be words, sentences, phrases and even poems. To create drama, users can even decide how the words will be delivered by selecting from three different cadences. Shatner will even pause after a specific word, if the user wants it that way.

These remixes, dubbed  “Shatisms,” can be shared with friends or even built with friends. Users can build on each other’s remixes through GameCenter and pass their’s on for extended remixing using the “Create with Friends” mode. Once a selection is complete, it’s easy to share these through social networking pages.

Check out this video demo of a “Shatism” for 5pm on a Friday.