William Morris: Not “beleaguered” and we never said it was, we swear

The New York Times is the latest to report that the William Morris Agency has hired powerhouse lawyer Bert Fields to sue the New York Post’s Page Six for reporting that the agency was “beleaguered” and “hemorrhaging agents and clients.” Like the New York Daily News yesterday, the Times reports that former William Morris agent Michelle Bohan defected to Endeavor (taking Kevin Bacon and his manifold degrees with her), as well as the retirement of his wife Kyra Sedgwick’s agent Steve Dontanville (the NYDN’s Rush & Malloy take the opportunity to Post-bash, gleefully noting that “another ton of bricks has landed” on “the fact-challenged tabloid” (no doubt the Post will be more careful about who they accuse of foot fetishism). The Times article also mentions a damagine New Yorker profile on WMA president Dave Wirtschafter by Tad Friend, but it doesn’t look like Fields is going after them (man, that New Yorker always manages to avoid that ton of bricks!). We, too, thought it would be hot to publish a gratuitous photo of Halle Berry. Hollywood. It’s so glamorous, right Danielle Crittenden?

UPDATE: HuffPo thinks Halle Berry’s pretty, too!