So, what you’re saying is, Wolverine is gayer than Superman?

We’re supremely amused by the frantic denials of any ubermensch gay-ness that “Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer has been issuing of late. Today, Reuters offers this tidbit: “After weeks of […]

Ovitz’s $109 million severance secure, but the means by which he got it? Not so much…

Yesterday’s unanimous high court ruling in Delaware upheld the exceedingly slipshod and over-generous way that Michael Eisner hired and fired Michael Ovitz. Interestingly, today, the Wall Street Journal carries a […]

mySpace: The spooks’ final frontier?

A scoop today from a place we least expected it: New Scientist says that the governments most notoriously-secretive spooks, the National Security Administration, are all over mySpace and the like […]

A farewell from yours truly

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am headed off to bastion of vox pop, TMZ.com starting on Monday, where I’ll be writing the City of Industry column – […]

LAT in 90 seconds

— Apparently, “Crash” captured the hearts of Academy voters for a reason. This is it. — The Dixie Chicks are singing the Red State blues, at least when it comes […]

People who need people?

The missive below comes from one of our favorite Los Angeles journalists, Jenny Hontz. We just had to share it with you: We had dinner Friday night with People magazine’s […]

Pixar’s “Cars” no hybrid

Of all the pieces that offer a look at Disney Pixar Animation‘s “Cars,” perhaps none is as interesting at the International Herald Tribune‘s assessment: “An animated fable about happy cars […]

“Code” broken in China

What’s surprising isn’t the Chinese’s decision to pull “The Da Vinci Code” out of theaters – it’s the way they went about it. For starters, the AP says that “Chinese […]

LAT in 90 seconds

— Oh. My. I think the LA Times just won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting, with this whopper of a story about 21 Las Vegas judges who cry out […]

The Cruise to nowhere? Actor’s reps offer clues as to how to rehab the world’s biggest star…

Kim Masters today offers a fascinating peek behind the curtain of Tom Cruise‘s management team, citing interviews with anonymous sources, presumably Rick Nicita or some other naughty lad at CAA. […]