Will the US Version of the Motorola Motoroi Android Phone Be Dumbed Down?

Image courtesy of Motorola

I read a few days ago that the Motorola Motoroi Android 2.0-based phone would be available on South Korea. The Motoroi is an interesting phone. But, it didn’t get much more than a passing glance since it looked like it would not land in the U.S. Then, I read this over on Engadget…

Motorola Motoroi coming to USA in March

So, I returned to the Motorola press release to get the details…

Motorola Introduces MOTOROI, Korea’s First Smart Phone Powered by Android 2.0

I suspect we will get a less capable version in the U.S. But, if we get lucky, take a look at the specs of the model destined for Korea:

– Android 2.0 (why not 2.1?)
– 8 megapixel digital camera with face detection, burst photos (up to 6 in a row), red-eye reduction (presumably it has a flash), photo stabilization, panorama capability (stitching?)
– 720p HD video camcorder with an HDMI output to let you view HD video directly from the camera to your HD TV
– Digital TV reception
– Pinch to zoom (probably not in the US)
– Handwriting recognition in addition to other text input methods
– Optical character recognition (OCR)

I suspect the US version will have a 5 megapixel camera, no HD output, no digital TV, no pinch to zoom, and no OCR. In other words, it will look like other Android phones. Too bad. The specs as-is look great.

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