Will Silverlight for Nokia & Windows Mobile Finally Be Released During MIX 10?

ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley noted late last week that Microsoft had posted and then pulled a beta release of Silverlight for Symbian (presumably S60) phones (what Nokia uses on many of its smartphones).

Microsoft set to launch beta of Silverlight for Symbian

The question is: Will it also be made available for the current generation of Windows Mobile phones (6.1 and 6.5)? The official Silverlight for Mobile site doesn’t shed any light on this topic.

Silverlight for Mobile

Silverlight for Mobile has been discussed for several years now without any substantive release (see Silverlight 2 for Mobile written in 2008 for example).

However, it may be that Microsoft finally released Silverlight for Mobile betas for both Symbian and Windows Mobile during Mix 10 taking place this week in Las Vegas. There are several Silverlight for Windows Phone sessions in the Mix 10 mobile session list. But, my guess is that these sessions will focus on Windows Phone 7. So, what happens to millions of Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 users? We’ll have to wait and see.