Will Jack Dorsey Return to Twitter in a Big Way?

The rumors have been swirling about Jack Dorsey – Twitter co-founder, former CEO and current board member – returning to work at Twitter in a big way. Some are speculating that he might even want to take that coveted CEO position back from Ev Williams who took it from him in 2008. So how much of these rumors are true, and how much is just wild speculation?

First, a bit of a Twitter history lesson: Jack Dorsey was one of the founders of Twitter in 2006. In fact, he sent the first tweet. He was Twitter’s CEO for the first two years, but was forced out in 2008 by Ev Williams and the board. Williams became the new CEO and Dorsey stepped down into a non-executive board member position, distancing himself from the company.

Since 2008, Dorsey has been working on his own pet project, credit card payments system Square which lets any business accept credit cards through an app on their smartphone. As CEO of Square, he’s seen quick and growing success.

The tension between Williams and Dorsey kept Dorsey from being a big part of Twitter since 2008 – but that’s changed. Since Williams stepped down as CEO five months ago,, Dorsey has been spending a bit more time at Twitter, with Business Insider reporting he came in once a week to oversee product development.

And now, it seems, Dorsey might come back in a bigger way.

Business Insider reported earlier this week that a single source close to the situation informed them that Dorsey might be hired back into Twitter full time. There was apparently some discussion that he would take over the CEO mantle from Dick Costolo, but BI reported that it would be more likely that he would “become something like a chief product officer.”

A single source isn’t much to go on when it comes to rumors, but the signs do point to Dorsey coming back in force. With Williams – with whom Dorsey had a sour personal relationship – in a more minimized role at the company, it makes sense that Dorsey would once again feel welcomed.

We reached out to Twitter for a comment on the possibility of Dorsey stepping up presence, and received the following response:

“Twitter is lucky to have the involvement of its founders. As we said last fall, we’re fortunate that our chairman, Jack Dorsey, has been able to get even more engaged in the company. His assistance has and will continue to be invaluable.”

Pretty tight-lipped about the rumors, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Dorsey did begin appearing more and more at Twitter’s headquarters.