Will Apple's iPad Finally Help Make the $100 Netbook a Reality?

If the $499 starting price for the WiFi-only iPad is still to high for you, you may want to look at a less expensive mobile platform. How about a netbook?

The netbook has had a short but interesting history. It emerged as a curioustiy in 2007 running only Linux variants. Then, it took flight in the summer and fall of 2008 as reasonably priced well built Windows based netbooks took the world by storm. Then, there was its fast fall from public mindshare and marketshare as the iPad seemed to overwhelm the sub-$1000 mobile computing space since its introduction in April of this year.

Electronista notes that Taiwan, home of most (all?) netbook manufacturers is seeing netbook prices pushed down. A dual-core netbook is said to be available for $408US.

Netbook pricing may be getting desperate to combat iPad

It is easy to find netbooks (of the single core variety) in the $300 range in the U.S. I’ve even spotted a few at a local office supply store. It may be ironic that Apple’s iPad may be the factor that finally drives netbooks to the $100 price hoped for the the pioneering One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program.