Will $18/Month WSJ iPad App Appease Annoyed WSJ iPhone $8/Month App Users?

Pricing scenarios for the upcoming iPad universe fascinates me. I think it is going to retune the way we think about prices for apps and e-content. So, what can we make of this item from Engadget?

WSJ on iPad for $17.99 a month, magazines to be at or near newsstand prices?

That works out to about $216 per year (I rounded up to $18, of course). The WSJ’s iPhone app currently charges $1.50 per week (normally $2) for its subscription. That works out to $104 per year. But, presumably, the iPad version will have more “stuff” (whatever that might be).

The WSJ’s iPhone news app has a mere 2-star (out of a possible 5) rating in the iTunes App Store. A large percentage of the comments there are extremely negative which appear to reflect the overall negative ratings (1864 1-star ratings, 390 2-star ratings out of a 3155 total = 71%).

The WSJ iPad has to be more that just “good”. In fact, it will probably need to be outlandishly spectacular to win over what appears to be a somewhat disgruntled e-readership.

And, oh yes, violating my $9.99 for everything prediction is not nice! $9.99 per month would have been more acceptable 🙂