Wikimedia Foundation Raises More than $8M

The Wikimedia Foundation surpassed its goal of raising $7.5 million to support Wikipedia for its 2009-10 fiscal year, pulling in more than 230,000 donations averaging $33 and totaling more than $8 million, versus last year’s 125,000 donations totaling more than $6 million.

Omidyar Network was a major part of this year’s campaign, as it offered a $500,000 challenge grant to match individual donations of $100-$9,999.

The Wikimedia Foundation said the money raised will go toward technology and expanding its staff of 33.

Executive director Sue Gardner said:

I am deeply grateful to our donors. Most of them are not rich. They are students and teachers and parents—people who use Wikipedia regularly, and people who are willing to help pay to keep it going. Their generosity is what keeps Wikipedia available for people around the world, free-of-charge and free of advertising.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales added:

I have been continually amazed and humbled as people have joined with me to make the largest encyclopedia in human history. The beauty of Wikipedia is that it makes it possible for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. People like us write it, and people like us pay for it. It’s proof of our ability, together, to change the world.