WikiLeaks Uses Twitter To Crowdsource New Batch Of Diplomatic Cables

WikiLeaks has just released tens of thousands of previously unpublished diplomatic cables to the public. However, they are a small organization and aren’t able to go through the documents for potential stories – so they reached out to Twitter.

There’s potentially revealing information in every single one of the more than 250,000 cables that WikiLeaks says it has, and going through them is a tough job. But WikiLeaks’ Twitter followers are up for the job.

After dumping an initial 35,000 diplomatic cables on Tuesday, WikiLeaks turned to its Twitter followers and asked them to help read through the massive amount of text.

This type of crowdsourcing is made possible through the use of the hashtag #wlfind, which collects all of the stories, secrets and exchanges that WikiLeaks’ Twitter followers find in the cables.

A quick search for #wlfind returns some pretty damaging stories, if they are accurate, that would be fodder for any news organization:

There are dozens of accounts slowly but surely reporting their findings using this hashtag. Some stories are more shocking than others, to be sure, but Twitter is hard at work going through the cables with a fine-toothed comb.

The WikiLeaks Twitter account itself (@WikiLeaks) has been quite active since the release of this batch of the cables. It is retweeting some of the bigger stories to come out of the crowdsourcing on Twitter, and it is also posting the findings of its own team.