WikiLeaks Twitter Account Surges Past 1,000,000 Followers

The official WikiLeaks account, which tweets about government censorship and its ongoing battle to “open governments”, has surged past one million followers this weekend. This is quite a feat for an organization whose Twitter account was plagued by privacy fears, threats, and hacking attempts for months.

The WikiLeaks Twitter account (@wikileaks) announced on Saturday that it had passed one million followers in a tweet.

This is certainly something to be proud of, as maintaining a presence on Twitter wasn’t easy for the organization.

In a legal battle with the US government, it came to light that the government was seeking access to all of WikiLeaks’ tweet – and those of anyone who followed or retweeted the organization. This sparked privacy concerns, as hundreds of thousands of Twitter users faced government access to their private information.

Around the same time, there were questions of Twitter’s own censorship of WikiLeaks-related topics, as some speculated that the company was actively preventing “#WikiLeaks” from becoming a Trending Topic.

But despite the many factors against it, the WikiLeaks Twitter account has finally joined the million followers club, which had 436 members as of June 20, 2011.

Interestingly, the WikiLeaks account is only following one out of the more than one million followers it has: @TweetBackup, a service that backs up Twitter data including tweets, followers, favorites, DMs and more. This suggests that WikiLeaks is at least considering the possibility that its Twitter account will one day be forcibly removed – either by a government, hackers, or Twitter itself.