Wiki wiki wiki! The Great Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Experiment

Colbert Rpt.jpgOctober 2005 134.jpg
Sometimes, you gotta take things as a sign. First I missed the “Colbert Report” premiere because I was in Canada, then my DVR went out, and now I’m in California and for some reason my hotel does not get Comedy Central. I want to bring you “Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” coverage — oh how I do! — but have been stymied by my lack of access and helpful technology.

So here’s what I suggest: let’s do this thing together, wiki-style.

You: Email me your choice tidbits from both shows, your random goofy screenshots, the things that made you howl. Me: Will receive, organize, and link them. Then me post. Then EVERYONE happy!

So far I got the news that Barack Obama flaked on Jon yesterday for some “vote” and “Senatorial responsibility” and that Stephen gave it to Canada again last night, something about Canadian women speaking really loudly because it’s so cold. For the record, I have never been accused of speaking too loudly. Also for the record, I’m lying.

So let’s do this! Be my eyes, ears and assiduously-typing fingers! Tell me what made you laugh, cry, and fiercely resolve to change this country for the better, or just start pronouncing things the French way. Let’s wiki it on up, and do Michael Kinsley proud.

The party starts now, people. Bring it on.

p.s. Judy Miller, just for fun.

UPDATE: My Dad, to me: “Rachel, what are you talking about? I watched the Colbert report at 10:30 last night.” Er, TVs are confusing. Upshot: TV guides are helpful, and so are Daddies.

UPDATE: We knew it wouldn’t take long. From Fishtern Maureen Miller:

“The only thing more overrated than me is you.”
— Obama, to Stewart, at end of interview

“Couldn’t get Obama live, could you?”
— Colbert, to Stewart, on switch-off between shows

(Colbert calls Canada “our pale sister to the North” or something like that.)

UPDATE: A hilarious example of the fundamental problem with the wiki model: sometimes things get posted that aren’t true. Turns out Colbert did not mention Canadian women who speak loudly. That was my friend Daniel making fun of me. I’m like Ron Burgundy, I’ll read whatever’s on the teleprompter. But, as AJ Jacobs discovered, the beauty of the wiki is that eventually, you get to the truth. And isn’t truthiness what we’re all about?

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Daniel makes amends: “Obama, when asked how he would fix the current debacle in Iraq, he answered well first thing to do when a bus gets driven into a ditch is to fire the driver.” Also, Eliot Spitzer on Colbert: “Eliot Spitzer said his people were nervous about having him come on TV and do damage to his rep b/c his approval rating is so high (he said 61%) and then he put his foot in his mouth a few times. He regaled us with a story about how when he was in high school he played left side defense and he had virtually no talent but was relentless at taking people out. He said that he did it and hoped not to get caught. The story came up b/c he was describing what type of guy he was to Colbert after Colbert said how feared he was…. Spitzer also had this stupid ear to ear perma grin where he looked like he was gonna pop a blood vessel.”