WiFi Detection T-Shirt

In this day and age, if your product doesn’t multitask, you’re irrelevant. Thankfully, someone out there decided that a T-shirt was no longer good enough to cover up your nips, hide your accordion belly and absorb sweat.

Slip into this: the WiFi Detecting T-Shirt.No joke.

The 100% cotton shirt indicates that you are in a WiFi zone by displaying the local WiFi connections on your chest.

wifi_shirtGlowing bars indicate the strength of 802.11b or 802.11g signals.

The shirt operates on a tiny battery pack that’s tucked away in the hem. You can wash the shirt in the machine, just don’t forget to remove the battery!

Available at Firebox in blue or green, you can now assure your lady friends that you’re staring at their chest for a very good reason.