Why You Should Consider Using Co-Tweet

As a social media consultant, I got into companies to either show them how to use various social media such as Twitter or Facebook or I do it for them. Often times, one person is solely responsible for tweeting or managing the company’s Facebook fan page. But what happens when you’ve got a bunch of people that are contributing?

It can be a real challenge, not to only find something that works, but that people find easy enough to use. Co-Tweet, a  web-based social media engagement, management and analytics tool, is great for two reasons: it is web-based, so you don’t have to download anything and take up precious room on your already overworked hard drive and the Standard Edition is  free!

The free edition is great for smaller companies as it allows up to six accounts. This can mean that if you’re a small PR firm, one person can manage cosmetics accounts while others are responsible for fragrance and skincare. But even in small offices, rarely is an employee handling just one project.  Co-Tweet allows departments and employees to share in the work, so if John, Ted and Sue are all working on the housing development project in Alberta, each person can create updates and respond to messages individually. The person’s initial appears at the end of their tweet, thus allowing both the customer to know who responded as well as the employer. If John knows more about the blueprints, while Sue is a pro at explaining the financing, each person can answer using their individual knowledge and expertise.

But not everyone can be available at all times. That’s why I love the OnDuty feature. This allows you to assign an employee to be available to answer and respond to questions and @replies for any given time. So when Ted’s busy working on a project for a client that’s due to arrive in the next hour, John can be the community manager for that time period and customers will receive service in a timely manner.

The Assignment feature keep the supervisors, manager or boss in the loop of the activity throughout the day. You can select:

  • Send an email alert when a message has been assigned to me.
  • Send an email alert when an assignment I’ve created has been completed.

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is having people on hand to respond to customer and client requests online. With more and more people using social media networks to voice their concerns and complaints and using them as a way to communicate instead of the old fashioned methods of telephone or email, it is vital for companies – big or small – to be able to keep up with their customer’s needs and queries.

Co-Tweet is a great wayto ensure that your clients feel taken care of. After all, you’ve got a team working around the clock on their behalf. And now you can see who said what and when, all in real-time.

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