Why You Should Be Scheduling Your Tweets

Have you ever been reading tweets when you suddenly see someone post 5 or 10 things in a row and then you don’t see their stuff again for another day or two – and again, it’s all lumped together? That’s because they don’t know how to schedule their tweets.

Did you know that there are optimized times that your tweets will be read? If you’re looking to get your content read, you should not only be sending your messages out at these prime times, but also spreading them out, so that you’re getting read throughout the day.

Here are some tools that will help:

1. Hootsuite: If you’re using Hootsuite to send out your tweets already, you can also use it to schedule your tweets. It’s easy. Just type your message as you normally would, hit the calendar button “Schedule Message” and you can choose from the pop up calendar and clock when you would like to send it out.

You can now schedule more than one message by using the “schedule in bulk” button (you have to upgrade to a paid account for that feature). Their new “Publisher” feature allows team members to post messages and have them wait for approval before being sent out and for you to drag and drop your updates into a calendar to give you a clear overview of what’s being said and when.

2. Bufferapp: This is one of the few services that not only spreads your messages out for you, but creates messages based on what you choose to like. First, install the Google Chrome extension. Then, while you’re browsing and come across content that you like, hit the “Buffer” button. It generates a tweet for you (which you can then edit) and then you add it to your Buffer. Buffer then sends them out for you, doing the scheduling for you. It’s like having a butler for tweets!

3. TwitResponse: A twitter client that allows you to schedule tweets in the future when you want them to appear for free. When a tweet is posted to Twitter successfully, you can use the “View on Twitter” link to see that it went out when you wanted it to. Simple and uncluttered for those of you who like to keep things simple.

4. Social Oomph: This service allows you to schedule updates quickly and easily, as well as offering a ton of other great features such as statistics, vetting followers and friends, and purging your direct message inbox with one click.

5. Twuffer: Despite the silly name, Twuffer allows you to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release. @GradyBritton designed Twuffer “for anyone who has a need to schedule pre-written, post-dated tweets.” The layout is clean and it’s super easy to use. So write the invite to your book launch now or the reminder that the latest episode of your webseries is up and forget about it. You’ve got so much to do, why not do it now when you think of it?

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