Why Twitter is a Google Shopper’s Best Friend

One of the greatest things about social media is the way you can marry different concepts for endless possibilities. Google mixes well with almost anything, of course, and so it makes sense that one of Google’s newer services combines so well with Twitter. Google Shopper, an app that lets you search items, scan barcodes, and use voice recognition to aid your shopping experience, has the Twitter world abuzz. Here’s why…and how you can use tweets to leverage Google Shopper.

First of all, Twitter is hot because of its instant response capabilities. Google Shopper is one of those cool bits of technology that makes it worth it to follow its progression. Tweets will let you know when there are new versions of the app, like the version 1.4 that came out this week. Users like @AndroidMixer will tweet about these kinds of updates — but the beauty of Twitter is that if you follow enough users who are interested in social media or technology, you’re bound to hear about updates without even trying.

If you’re a fan of Google Shopper, you’re also probably interested in a wide range of products. That is, if you’re willing to take the time to scan products on your Android or iPhone and scan tens of product reviews in a store, then you’re a customer who is invested in what you’re buying. Twitter is great to supplement that enthusiasm by letting you know what products you should care about in the first place. Are you fashion-forward? Scan Twitter to see whose new spring collection is gathering steam, and then use Google Shopper to help you make your purchase.

Twitter is also an invaluable asset for Google Shoppers because of its networking features. Google Shopper is the product of Google Labs, meaning that it was conceived as an experiment. Experiments don’t just require people using products, but also need people to be talking about them. Twitter conversations may not always be deep, but a quick @reply or retweet will spread the word about how users can best leverage Google Shopper — to get the greatest deals, the coolest products, and the most hi-tech buyer experience.