Why The Mormon Church Tops Facebook Page Rankings

The head of social media Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints explains what makes Mormon religious organizations so successful on Facebook.

You’ve probably seen the videos — regular people doing regular things, finishing with the token quote, “and I’m a Mormon.”

The fact is, as Mormons, we appreciate tools like Facebook because it allows us to share with the world who we really are.

In a recent post by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as the Mormons), that desire to share who we are was made evident, sharing that out of the 2,970 Facebook pages in AllFacebook’s rankings of the category “Church and Religious Organization,” five of those are ranked in the top 100, two in the top 25, and one in the top 10.

The fact is, the church loves social media and has Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of likes. The most popular ones include:

You might be asking why a church might be interested in social media. The fact is, as Mormons, relationships are important to us. Mormons have a strong belief in helping their fellow man and focusing on relationships in the process.

Social media has played a critical role in helping the welfare of our fellow man — from efforts in Africa , to helping those in Japan, New Zealand and the tornado ravaged Alabama.

There’s no worry of any unfamiliar missionaries knocking on your door trying to convince you to join the church until you want it to happen through these means. Because of social media, you get to learn about the church, on your own terms, from people you know. And as members, you don’t have to take the church’s word for it — you can hear what the church is about straight from your closest friends and family who are Mormon.

With stats like these, if you’re on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’re a friend with a Mormon. If not, you can visit any of the owned properties of the church and ask questions there. The advantage of that is you can ask real Mormons about their beliefs — the people you know, and the people you care about and trust. Now you can see why social media is so useful for the LDS Church.

Jesse Stay is manager of social strategy and solutions within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, writes regularly at StayNAlive.com, and just finished the book, Facebook Application Development For Dummies. His thoughts here are his opinions and do not reflect the official words or doctrines of the Church.

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