Why ‘The Grade’ App Gets an ‘A’ in PR

the grade 2Remember when online dating was so taboo that bringing it up was akin to playing the theme to The Exorcist on a dark, windy night?

I should know. In 1999, I met my bride…online.

Think about that: before the turn of the century, when most of America thought computers were going to explode and the Great Lakes were going to turn into blood, spit, and venom.

There was no clutter in the dating market — no Tinder, Match, Chemistry, OkCupid (today, they’re all owned by the same company, IAC). Back then, it was just apprehension and fear of the unknown. Today, it’s much of the same because dating online is yesterday’s news.

Until “The Grade” showed up to class, using PR to knock out the competition.

Imagine being at a place where you suck at everything and being rewarded for your lousy output with the old boot out of the door. For years, singles really tired of the meaningless hook-up and the tireless bar night have been crying out for a mirror of reality with online dating.

It’s rare when a company listen to the cries of a people and reads the headlines, then determines a course of action, but it seems that this is The Grade’s strategy.

the grade

According to the corporate press release, users (AKA former dates) can stamp a letter grade, from F to A+, on its users’ profiles, and deactivate the profiles of those who receive an F, meaning they’ve been found to be “unresponsive, inappropriate or undesirable.”

Snap’s (The Grade’s parent company) Chief Executive Officer, Clifford Lerner, says, “Although mobile dating apps have exploded in popularity, feedback has painted a picture of horrific user experiences on existing dating apps.

We believe mobile daters deserve a superior experience and decided to create The Grade to eliminate the inappropriate, hostile and undesirable singles that currently taint the mobile dating pool. As one of the first adopters of the Facebook Application platform, we have a history of being pioneers in the online dating space, and we believe we’ve done that again with The Grade.”

Who needs market research and slick infographics when you have a company that acts to make a flawed market place better? PR professionals, take note. If you want your clients to make the news, simply ensure that they actually make news. 

A+ for this team. Enjoy your success, kids.