Why Social Media Managers Need to Manage Their Own Social Media

Don't be him.

…because if/when the brand they run makes headlines for social snafus, they become fodder for the tabloids. And then the Daily Mail can cover a Facebook post intended for friends and family and call it “EXCLUSIVE.”

We don’t want to encourage you to click on that dirty link, so we’ll sum it up: in following up on the beaten-to-death porn tweet story, someone at the DM did a Google search, found the guy responsible for managing social at U.S. Airways, visited his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and grabbed some personal–but not private–screenshots.

Par for the course, we suppose.

The “exclusive” angle involves the DM writer speculating as to whether a Facebook post written and then deleted by said manager about an unspecified person (who may or may not be “a giant a**hole”) referred to the employee responsible for tweeting the X-rated pic.

The rag also took the time to make fun of the manager’s own descriptions of his job and post blown-up versions of his profile pics. The only interesting thing we learned from the post:

“American Airlines and US Airways use the same social media tool, SNAP100.”

That’s an unfortunate mention.

So…if you handle major accounts, make sure to keep your photo albums private and stick to Snapchat for personal jokes.

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.